The Industry


The Recruitment industry has a huge part to play in the Construction industry’s future, we understand the challenges the lie ahead over the next decade in the UK with a huge Skills Shortage.

Our Business Model operates to ensure the ‘business as usual’ service is supplied to our clients, but the core of our business is built with the below ethos, there is a huge amount to be done to ensure that the construction industry is attracting, recruiting and retaining talent….

Looking for a job in construction?

We do not only hire experienced construction professionals and personnel, we also talk to candidates that want to enquire how to get into the industry, please get in touch with us


Improving the team.

The industry lacks diversity………… Improving the diversity of the people we engage with is important to us and our Clients, we recognise that it is only right to ensure that people of all genders and backgrounds can access fulfilling careers in the construction industry.

What we do for you.

“We are determined to collaborate with our clients to create a new image of construction to appeal the best and brightest.”

“Construction Businesses have a huge reliance on Recruitment agencies to supply talent, we must make sure the industry is accessible to all, and new talent is brought into the industry.”

“Construction is Evolving, as technology moves in, we have a responsibility to ensure that recruitment in construction remains about people.”

Paddy Willis, Managing Director

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We have knowledge and experience of the construction industry and the service level required to be a leading recruitment business for our clients.

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